Monday, April 1, 2013

lazy afternoon

I'm laying in bed and just took the following photo. I felt I needed to share. It really is a lovely view.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

ELF Haul

So I had mentioned before that I had recently undergone a mini ELF Cosmetics Haul.. it consisted of 19 items. They were having a one day deal. If you spent 30 dollars you got 10 free mineral eyeshadows; loose and pressed. So I made my rounds over the website. I did my swatches and now it's time to share. The only items I didn't do swatches for were the mineral face makeup.. that's for another day. So let's begin. :)

The first items are Mineral Foundation in Medium Beige, Mineral Blush in Peachy, and Mineral Glow in Bronzed. I actually purchased the Mineral Glow Kit and it came with the bag and the Kabuki Body Brush.. the foundation and Bronzed were separate but all the item fit perfectly in the bag, so it all works out.. The didn't put the prices on the invoice, but I think the bronzer kit was 8 dollars, while the other items were 3 dollars a piece. I did  test these out on my hand and they apply smoothly and evenly and are really easy to blend. Definitely no complaints so far.. I just need to know how well they hold up, if I'm going to look greasy eventually, etc.

The next product is the Volume Plumping mascara in black. As you can see the brush is pretty thick with lots a bristles, so I'd imagine it works wells. I haven't tested it out yet.. hopefully it does the trick.. but for 3 dollars, I wouldn't be too upset if it didn't. I'll let you know.

This stuff the awesome. It's the Baked Eyeshadow Palette in California. I never really familiarize myself with baked products. I had no clue until last night that you could Wet a brush and make an almost foil like eyeliner. I am definitely going to have a lot of fun with this. The colors are very pretty. I don't think this picture does it justice. They have two other baked palettes if I am remembering correctly. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase them the next time I'm on the site.

So clearly it's becoming apparent that I have an eyeshadow addiction right? These are the Pigment Eyeshadows. Listing the them left to right, I purchased Baked Brown, Tropical Teal, Magical Marlon, and Golden Goddess. These colors are absolutely amazing and I'm thoroughly pleased with my choices, considering they all work well together.. I didn't even really plan on it happening that way.. which made me even happier.

These are the first five of the free Mineral Eyeshadows that I chose. These are loose mineral pigment. The colors I picked out left to right were Partier, Earthy, Wild, Bronzed, and Outdoorsy. I LOVE the last color. It's like and evergreen shade. I've never used a shadow this color before and I'm totally stoked to get a chance to play. All of these, as well and the Pigment Eyeshadows are 3 dollars a piece.

The other five free mineral eyeshadows I chose were from the Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow line. These are also 3 dollars a piece. The colors I went with were First Date, Miss Popular, Out All Night, Heartbreaker, and Wine Tour. These eyeshadows are very smooth to apply. You can layer them easily as well. I didn't use a primer for any of these swatches, and they still are vibrant and clear. I can't wait to see them with the primer, considering it really aids in bringing out the true pigment of the shadows.

I really hope you found this interesting or informative or cool. ;) If you really love makeup but don't like to spend a ton of unnecessary money for a name, then I'd strongly suggest checking out ELF. They carry some of the products at Target, but visiting Eyes Lips Face will allow you to see the true extent of what they have to offer.
Well that is all. I want to apologize if the quality of my photos is poor. I updated and took all the photos with my tablet, so they may seem blurry of a computer with a higher resolution. If you have a tablet, I'd assume they'd be much clearer. Until next time <3

Monday, March 11, 2013

So, it's been a busy week, but since I have the afternoon off, I decided now would be the time to update. I mentioned my blanket that I've been chrocheting forever in my last post. I took a picture of it. What do you think??

I decided to do a makeup tutorial through pictures.. anyone who knows me knows I LOVE makeup, and I have an addiction to purchasing makeup.. and since I'm on a budget, I have found a lot of "dupes" for high-end makeup.. one brand that is amazing is surprisingly Wet n' Wild. So below is a very affordable "natural eye" routine, using Wet n' Wild eyeshadow, amongst other brands.

Starting with my eyebrows, I first fill the with them with ELF's Eyebrow Filler and Lifter. I then use an angled brow brush with Maybelline's Eyebrow Powder to finish filling them and solidifying the shape.

The brushes I use (from left to right) are an angled eyeshadow brush, a contour brush, a blending brush, and a small domed shadow brush. The eye products I used are Two Faced Shadow Insurance primer, Wet n' Wild Walking n Eggshells, NYC Waterproof Eyeliner in black, ELF's Liquid Eyeliner in black, and L'Oreal (I think) Voluminous False Fiber Lashes in black.

 Step One: Using your angled eyeshadow brush, apply the champagne color from the Walking on Eggshells palette to the eyelid.
Step Two: With your contour brush, apply the brown color to the crease, extending upwards slightly. Blend the line out with a blending brush.
Step Three: Using the small domed shadow brush, apply the highlight to your brow bone and in the corner of your eyes.
Step Four: With ELF's Liquid Eyeliner, apply to the top lid, winging out the corners. Apply NYC Eyeliner Pencil under the outer corner of your bottom lashes, and along the entire waterline.
Step Five: Finish it off with your favorite voluminous mascara.

Finally, apply a deep maroon color. I used bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie in Dare Devil.I didn't apply it as dark as it can be.. The fact that it can go light or dark really makes me like this color.

The finished look <3
I also wanted to show off my cute new table that I placed next to my front door, yanno.. the kind  the fits a lamp, a dish for keys, and the purse. 

  Pretty artsy, eh? It was a hand-me-down I couldn't resist.
Well that's all for today. Hope you enjoy. <3

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hello lovelies. Just wanted to make a quick post.. I've had a really busy week and my diet has been taking over my mind.. sorta causing me to be distracted during my free time. Trying to find recipes for a strict low crab diet is really difficult, so if anyone has any ideas, please, let me know.

Besides that.. just did a mini ELF haul.. I feel like I'm always doing those, considering how many emails they send for one day promos they are doing. This time I got 10 free mineral shadows, loose and pressed, for free with a 30 dollar purchase.. so I basically got 90 dollars worth of makeup for 60. Not bad if I do say so myself. I'll definitely have that up as soon as it arrives. Can't wait.

Something else that been taking up alto of time.. my crafting.. I am currently in the process of completing a blanket I have been working on for quite some time now.. it's ALMOST done.. hopefully if I have the spare time this weekend I will try to get it finished on Sunday.. I'd show you a picture now but I don't want to spoil it.. a part of my wants to keep it for myself, but personally it's associated with an ex boyfriend.. and to be honest, I'd probably want to sell it. It's taken forever to finish bc I just had it stashed away for a while.. I started it when we lived together and I kinda just needed a break from it.. but it really is beautiful.

Well I suppose this is a boring post, but I'm on my way to bed and kinda wanted to write something.. not trying to let a whole week go by with no updates.. is that weird?

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Foundation Routine

So Zack decided to watch a documentary while I was posting my last entry, and since I have seen it already, I decided I wanted to do an entry about my foundation routine. If you scroll down a couple of entries you can see a picture of a close up of my face, as well as a picture of me in my last entry. So here goes nothing.. hope it's helpful.

Step one: primer. I received both of these full sized primers as samples from Ipsy. The Mirabella Prime is a clear, non-greasy primer that goes on very smooth. The Pixi primer is a peach toned primer that is also non-greasy and applies just as smooth.. I like both of them, but if I had to pick a favorite I would go with the Mirabella Prime. I feel that it lasts a lot longer and it helps to keep my combination skin at bay.

Step two : Foundation. I loooove Revlon's Colorstay for combination/ oily skin. If I am correct, I'm almost positive I heard that Revlon is actually low-end Este Lauder.. It works wonderfully, and l don't get oily whatsoever during the day. I work in a hair salon, where product and chemical fumes are in the air. Where I'm using a blowdryer or other various hot tools.. Before starting this foundation routine, specifically before using this particular foundation, I would look shiny 3 hours into my shift. This foundation is a God send. I apply with a stipple brush that I purchased from ELF, and buff it out with a kabuki buff brush.

Following the application of the foundation, I dust Rimmel's Stay Matte translucent pressed powder. If I'm not mistaken, the have this pressed powder in various colors, but I prefer a translucent powder, as I do my contouring and highlighting with other products. I love this powder. It lasts for hours, and if you tap it on your skin with a powder brush, you won't look dusty.

Last Step : Highlight, Contour, and Blush. I use ELF's cool bronzer to contour along my collarbones, to make then more prominent. I also use it under my chin and along the sides of my neck to create a narrowing affect. I use ELF's golden bronzer to highlight my forehead, nose, and cheekbones, creating a soft sun kissed glow, and adding a little bit of warmth to the face. Finally, I use ELF's contouring blush and bronzing powder. The contouring powder is using under the cheekbones to make them more prominent, while the blush is used on the apples of the cheeks to give that nice rosy touch.

Ever since I began using this routine, my face has looked amazing. People point it out all the time, telling me my skin is perfect.. when really I just have amazing makeup. I don't usually use a concealer, but when I do, it's Hard Candy's Nobody's Perfect concealer palette.

I like this palette because it offers various colors of concealer, including tone correctors. Green to counteract redness, and yellow and peach to counteract purple and blue tones under the eyes. It isn't the most hardcore strong concealer. It can't be used to cover tattoos, although Hard Candy does have a concealer specifically for that. It's called Glamoflauge.

That pretty much wraps up my foundation routine. Any questions, feel free to ask. Hope you enjoyed 🌙

Sunday Funday

 Today has been an all around lazy day. Zack and I woke up pretty early, thanks to our internal alarm clocks.. I wanted to go tanning, since I have been losing weight.. kinda figured it'd be nice to have a tan.. it always makes you look and feel better.

So of course I had to purchase some lotion, and if I hadn't bought the Microsoft Asus tablet with Windows 8 on it for $400 then I probably would have been more likely to spend more then $30 on lotion, but I do like this one. If you are a tanner and are looking to spend a reasonable amount, AND if you like a tingle, then you may like this lotion.. It smells great, the tingle is only mild, and it has a bronzer. It's from the brand love ds.. aka Designer Skin.. It is their lower end lotion, if you could even consider them a lower end brand.. which you really can't. They are one of the best tanning lotion brands out there.. So I'm pretty pleased with my purchase..

After my tanning adventure, I got home and saw that Zack had already done dishes and whatnot, and was back in bed.. so I decided to take a nap with him. It was only noon, and we definitely slept until 4:30. We went grocery shopping.. and since today is the day of my diet where I can ingest as many carbs as possible, I made a kickass dinner with Kraft Deluxe macaroni and cheese.. the four cheese flavor.. Sooo delicious.

Step one. In medium saucepan, brown Italian sausage (I got the hot kind) a whole green pepper, red pepper, and onion, for about 10 mins on med-high heat, or until sausage is cooked. I don't have a picture of the next step, but you add 2 cups of water, 1 cup of milk, and the macaroni, and bring it to a boil.. then turn it down and simmer it, covered on med-low heat for 8-10 mins. Last step.. add the cheese sauce and stir it til it's cooked through..

This is what you get. Seriously, so yummy, and very filling. To bad I can't eat it for leftovers tomorrow, since my diet will be back in full swing.

Anywho.. enough of that.. while I was out grocery shopping, I noticed this girl staring me down.. I'm assuming bc my outfit was totally badass.. Forgot to mention I stopped at the salon to get my shears and clippers so I could do Zack's hair. He's been on my ass about cutting it. I haven't done it yet, but I have to show you how handsome my bf is.. even with hair that's overdue.

I love these boots. Got them at Tarjay. I had been constantly looking for some studded boots. At first, it wasn't even about the studs. For months, I was constantly checking online for Steve Madden stompers. It was an endless string of failed attempts.. Then the studded ones started to come along and, of course, I couldn't find those either.. They were constantly sold out, and for $120-$150 a pop, I was starting to just forget about it. Until I came across these at Target. I think they were like $40, and I just couldn't resist. They seriously make you feel tough when you wear them.. which I'm perfectly okay with.

My babe. I think he looks fine, even with the grown out faded European fauxhawk. I will def have to post a picture of him looking fresh.


So at this point, it's 7:15p..  gonna watch some Lost with my love.. and continue this chill, lazy day in the comfort of my brand spankin new PILLOWTOP bed. Comfy <3